Top Condo Amenities to Look for when Buying a Unit

Condo amenities should never be just an afterthought. In fact, when you are looking to buy a unit, your prospective development should offer a variety of amenities to cater to your need for some daily rest and recreation, to get in a regular workout, or to invite guests. 

When doing an ocular visit of a condo unit that you are interested in, be sure to make time to explore the other features of the development. The presence of these amenities means careful thought was given to the balanced lifestyle that the developer would like to offer to residents.

In this article, we list down ten amenities to look for!

Top 9 Condo Amenities 

1. Lap Pool

Lap pools provide recreation but are also an invitation to exercise. A standard lap pool starts at ten meters but can stretch to 25 meters. Check with the developer regarding the depth of the pool and look for additional amenities such as a shower area, locker room, and perhaps any outdoor seating areas for the much needed sunshine as you swim in the lap pool.

2. Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools, like an adult pool are a common amenity that condo buyers look for. This signals the development’s family-friendliness by including features that cater to younger residents. As with the adult pool, ask the developer’s sales representative about the depth of the kiddie pool.

3. Fitness Gym

Having a fitness gym within the development is a big plus. First of all, there is no need to leave your place to get in a good indoor workout. But it gets even better if the gym is equipped with a full range of equipment so you can do anything from machine workouts to functional training as well as cardio. 

4. Jogging Path

Larger developments are afforded the luxury of space to include generous condominium amenities such as open spaces and landscaping. If the location that you are eyeing offers more opportunities for you to break into a sweat, such as having its own jogging path, consider it a major plus. This also means the developer considers wellness as a significant element in the design of the property

5. Function Room

Function rooms give you the option of holding your social event closer to home versus a farther venue. When doing an ocular of the development you are considering, ask about the capacity of their function room, in addition to assessing the design. Look for high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a clean canvas for any type of event design.

6. Clubhouse 

The clubhouse is the central location for several of the development’s amenities. Usually, these will house the function room or even the gym. However, even if you’re not hosting a celebration or putting in a workout, the clubhouse can also serve as another option for you to simply hang out and get in some R&R. 

7. Great Lawn

On the other hand, relaxing amidst a natural environment outdoors in the condo amenities is vital to one’s overall wellness. A pocket garden or even a Great Lawn can provide plenty of breathing space for more serene activities like meditation or yoga (you also get a healthy dose of natural light), or even a laid back picnic or simply a spot to reflect.

8. Barbecue Area

In addition to pockets of greenery, a designated area for a family barbecue is a condo amenity to look forward to. With a separate space for the high energy of an outdoor barbecue, you can concentrate on the festivities and bonding with your guests and loved ones. 

9. Playground

Kids also deserve their own outdoor space not just to socialize with other children but to get in a fun play time. A well-equipped playground has plenty of structures to cater to kids of all ages: the requisite see-saw, slide, and monkey bars among others. Not to mention, plenty of space for them to move around and socialize with playmates.

Enjoy a variety of amenities at East Bay Residences

East Bay Residences stands out with its generous condo amenities allowing residents like yourself to engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, while enjoying the signature Rockwell lifestyle with its trademark safety, security, exclusivity, and privacy.

The addition of a retail row with its supermarket, bank, laundry service, and food shops ups the distinct lifestyle that East Bay Residences delivers by serving all your needs within one thoughtfully-designed development.

Read to find your one-bedroom, two-bedroom or, three-bedroom unit of choice.  Download the Larsen or Fordham e-brochure here, or contact Rockwell Land today.

10 Condo Furniture Pieces To Include In Your Space This 2022

When acquiring your unit, filling it with thoughtfully-curated condo furniture pieces is key to creating a polished look and an organized space. From multifunctional pieces that transform from one function to another, to accent items that anchor different spots in your home, here are the 10 to include in your interiors.

1. The Sofa Bed

This condo furniture piece no longer needs to look like the traditional sofa beds of old. When not in use, an L-shaped sofa blends well into your living area. Dress it up with printed pillows and a throw by day, then reassemble it into a guest bed by night.

Furniture pieces like this Xtra Footstool by Danish designer, Anders Nørgaard for Bo Concept, which functions as an oversized stool (or coffee table) when not in use.

2. The Statement Light Fixture

Although not a furniture piece, a statement lamp does several things apart from illuminating a room. It delivers visual interest, drawing the eye upwards. It can also be used to anchor a space such as the living area or dining room. Apart from social space however, you can get creative with placement. For example, explore installing a series of modern lamps or a chandelier in your master bathroom.

3. A Colorful Vintage Chest

When done in bright colors like a vibrant green or deep azure, this condo furniture piece can add pop to any living space while providing storage. Use it to stow away your special dinnerware, work or school items, or even a sneaker collection.

4. A Printed Rug

Much like the statement lamp, a rug in an eye-catching print adds texture, color, and coziness to your condo unit. Rugs can also function as markers in a room. In a small space, you can use this to demarcate a reading nook or even a work space.

5. A Rounded Coffee Table

One of 2022’s trends is curvy furniture with softer edges. Whether you choose a sofa with rounded corners or a sculptural table with curving lines, these condo furniture pieces can lend a modern yet delicate element in your home.

6. Biophilic Furniture

Biophilic design has been a catchphrase in recent years and as the name suggests it has much to do with the role nature plays in our living spaces. As such biophilic furniture follows very specific principles including environmental features, restorative elements, and the use of light.

Biophilic furniture then would have a nature-inspired silhouette and make use of organic materials. A rattan chair with curving edges is one such example. Use it both for indoor eating and outdoor as with a balcony.

7. A Room Partition

A stylish partition never goes out of style, and in a small space, they give you plenty of flexibility for placement. Whether you choose a divider in a modern design or in a more natural material, a partition can provide privacy where you want it while serving as a decorative piece.

8. A Statement Chair

For a functional pièce de résistance, you can’t go wrong with a statement chair. Done in a bright color of a pop of print, a statement chair can add visual interest to your bedroom, living room, or home office. Pair with a coffee table and a small rug to create a quiet space where you can read or write, position it as an accent piece in the living room, or use it in a baby room as part of a nursing station, 

9. An Expandable Table

Another must-have condo furniture piece is an expandable table. Great for entertaining or for when you need more tabletop space for working or studying from home, an expandable table is a workhorse that is worth investing in. 

10. Grandmillennial furniture

This design trend is an update on the use of 40s floral patterns such as chintz, but situated in modern interiors. Think damask wallpaper or floral accent chairs combined with midcentury modern pieces for an updated look that is far from campy and all style.

Find the perfect backdrop for your interior style

Whether you choose a one-bedroom, two-bedroom or, three-bedroom space, your  condo furniture pieces will look just right in a spacious unit at East Bay Residences’ two towers: Larsen and Fordham.

Equipped with generous amenities in the Central Amenity including a great lawn, fitness gym, jogging path, clubhouse, gazebo, pool deck, function room and playground; as well as a retail row with a supermarket and bank to serve your daily essential needs, East Bay Residences delivers the signature Rockwell LIfestyle.

Enjoy the Rockwell signature of privacy, safety, and security in a strategically located development situated just along the East Service Road. East Bay Residence is just a few kilometers from Sucat and Alabang, major thoroughfares including SLEX and the Alabang-Zapote Road, schools, business centers, and commercial centers. 

Want to learn more? Download the Larsen or Fordham e-brochure here, or contact Rockwell Land today.

Condo Sizes: Which One is Right For You?

When it comes to condo sizes, the optimal choice should be influenced by both personal preferences and practical considerations. Whether you are a solitary remote worker seeking a versatile and spacious living area or a couple aspiring to acquire a one-bedroom initial residence, there is a range of cuts to keep in mind.

This article aims to guide you through different options, helping you find the ideal space to suit your lifestyle.

Types of Condo Sizes

The One Bedroom

Unlike an open plan studio, this condo size delivers a perfect balance of comfort and sufficient privacy due to a separate bedroom area it provides the tenant. Moreover, the one-bedroom unit is a practical choice for individuals  who require a little more space than a studio. The living area can be used not only for socials but for a home office or study area.  This flexibility is particularly advantageous if you prefer to keep your workspace segregated from your sleeping area or within sight. 

Alternatively, if you’re considering purchasing a condo for rental purposes, the one-bedroom unit stands out as one of the most cost-effective options available.

The one-bedroom unit goes up to 39 square meters with a balcony by the living room, designed to let in ample natural light which is ideal for people who want spacious areas and budget-friendly options. 

The Two Bedroom 

Looking for more space to accommodate more people? The two bedroom condo size can comfortably accommodate families and housemates who prefer to have their own designated space for privacy. In addition,opting to have your two-bedroom unit professionally designed provides a great opportunity to further personalize the interiors of their respective spaces.  

At 54 to 57 square meters, the two-bedroom unit has a well-designed layout with plenty of floor space to work with, and it has window spaces that provide rooms with ample lighting to brighten up the entire room..

However, the two bedroom condo size is also perfect for individuals needing more room for different functions. One bedroom  can be converted into a home office and library, great for those who work from home to boost productivity. At 54 to 57 square meters, this two-bedroom unit is a practical option for people who need that flexibility of versatile spaces.

On the other hand, the two-bedroom prime unit comes in wider cuts covering up to a sizable 67 square meters. The unit comes with separate quarters for your household help, including a toilet and bath.  Alternatively, this space can be used as storage space or a pantry for your everyday needs.

The two-bedroom prime unit features generous spaces; the floor area of this condo size is an ideal choice for families with adults and children who may require more space for living, working, and playing.

The Three Bedroom Unit

The most common large condo size in the Philippines is the three bedroom. With plenty of space to accommodate a large family, the three-bedroom is optimized for giving its tenants plenty of privacy and flexibility to spruce up their rooms for customization. A larger living space also means a three-bedroom allows tenants for more space to bring in guests for intimate gatherings.

On the other hand, growing families may also take advantage of this unit type by designating the third bedroom as a multi-use room that can function as a study, office, guest, or an entertainment room. 

This three-bedroom unit starts at 78 and goes up to a spacious 107 square meters, a valuable investment for either your own use or as a rental that can bring in generous income.

Find The Right Condo For Your Needs at East Bay Residences

Located strategically along the East Service Road and a few kilometers from Sucat and Alabang, East Bay Residences is a stone’s throw away from major thoroughfares including SLEX and the Alabang-Zapote Road, schools, business centers, and commercial centers. 

Most importantly, the development offers residents the signature Rockwell lifestyle of  privacy, exclusivity, and security at the South of Metro Manila

That is because Rockwell Primaries provides everything you need. The East Bay Retail Row includes a full grocery, as well as a bank, laundry service, and food outlets for your everyday needs at convenience.

If you want to relax, the generous amenities provide plenty of options for unwinding, including a swimming pool, fitness gym, jogging path, as well as a Great Lawn, barbecue area, gazebo, playground, tree court, and clubhouse.

And whichever condo size you prefer, the Fordham and Larsen towers both offer a variety of units that can accommodate your unique needs. To learn more about this promising development, download the Larsen or Fordham e-brochure here, or contact Rockwell Land today.

At home in East Bay Residences, A Rockwell Address in Sucat, Muntinlupa

When Rockwell Land first began developing its flagship community in Makati, it envisioned a neighborhood that provided its residents with a holistic lifestyle— spacious homes that were within reach of everyday needs and leisurely comforts. Soon, more people grew to learn about the Rockwell brand as it turned its vision into reality.

Ullyses Tulid first became aware of Rockwell because of the Power Plant Mall. “I was in college when the developer introduced the Power Plant Mall, and even then, it was already a dream to live in such a community,” he shares.

After previously living in other Rockwell properties, Ully Tulid finds the same sense of comfort and convenience at East Bay Residences

Years later, he would get himself a unit in Joya Lofts and Towers at Rockwell Center Makati, marking the first of his property investments with the brand. “After my stay in Joya, I knew for sure that as a developer, Rockwell meets all my needs,” Ully reminisces. “I later invested in One Rockwell, and other projects outside Makati like The Grove [in Pasig] and 53 Benitez [in Quezon City].”

“Over the years I realized that as you age, you prefer a slower-paced lifestyle,” says Ully. “This, coupled with the recent pandemic, made me look for wider and open spaces.” It was for this reason that Ully moved to Laguna after his time in Makati. But with a business that regularly requires him to still be within the metro, he then sought a convenient address that catered to these needs.  

At the heart of the community is a relaxing Central Amenity area

In Sucat, Muntinlupa City is East Bay Residences, a vibrant neighborhood developed by Rockwell Primaries. Here one will find The Fordham Tower, Rockwell’s first residential tower in the development, which began welcoming residents this year. And among these residents is Ully himself, whose East Bay home adds to his Rockwell property portfolio.

“I found that The Fordham Tower at East Bay Residences catered to everything I was looking for in condo living. It’s a low-density building with units that generally have bigger space to move around,” says Ully. “I also appreciate how secure I feel here, especially in the evening, when the community feels so serene and secure, as though you were in a gated village.”

Units here allow for comfort with spacious cuts

With 60 percent of the property dedicated to open spaces, East Bay likewise satisfies Ully’s need for refreshing areas with plenty of room to breathe. “I truly enjoy the wide open spaces here the most, with the swimming pools and fitness gym in the middle of the property,” he says. The East Bay Retail Row fronting the property also allows Ully to have easy access to his daily needs, a convenience he enjoys.

But most convenient of all is how Ully’s East Bay address fits his work life. “Most of my clients are from Makati and BGC, and Laguna and Batangas. The fact that it is halfway to these places makes my normal route of work easier.” With major roads and highways like SLEX, Skyway Stage 3, and CALAX accessible to its location in KM21 East Service Road, East Bay is truly an ideal home to easily reach both the north and south.

Fronting the property is the East Bay Retail Row, which provides residents with their daily needs like groceries and laundry, among others

At East Bay Residences, Ully has found a home that suits his priorities today. With a balance of relaxing, airy spaces and the proximity to key places around the city, East Bay likewise bears the distinct qualities of a Rockwell community he has been accustomed to. As he puts it, “At this time, it really is the perfect address for me.”

Here’s a Helpful Guide on What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Very First Condo in Metro Manila

Buying your first condo can be quite the investment. Here’s how to make it a bit simpler.

Here's a Helpful Guide on What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Very First Condo in Metro Manila

Condo-living may be the closest you can get to achieving the live-work-play lifestyle, especially in Metro Manila. Condos have amenities at arms’ length, are situated in prime locations, and require less maintenance. It’s the kind of environment that attracts young professionals who are striving for independence while making a name for themselves, and are looking for versatile investments that provide value for money.

If you are planning to buy your first condo, here are a few things to guide you in making the best choice:

1. Assess your financial capacity and set a budget.

Shopping for your first condo is an exciting process, and it is important to assess what your budget is for it. but you must also remember to first assess your financial capacity. The cost of getting a condo is separate from the costs for maintaining and keeping it.

Living and dining area at The Larsen Tower by Rockwell Primaries

Apart from your monthly rent, other expenses include be prepared to pay for association dues (paid for the upkeep of the condo), realty taxes, and utilities. When scouting for a condo, ask about these extra fees and the services that entail them. , where they go, and what they cover before you decide if it falls within your budget.

2. Zero in on a location that complements your lifestyle.

Your condo’s location can make or break your daily routine. Make sure to factor in your travel time to places you frequent, like the office or school, and consider your proximity to essential places like supermarkets, banks, clinics, and service centers.

East Bay Retail Row

We all know that traffic is a major stressor, so it’s best to consider your condo’s proximity to your workplace or school, service centers and retail hubs like banks, clinics, and supermarkets, the traffic in the area, and neighborhood security.

3. Research the property developer.

Make sure that your chosen property developer has a solid reputation. Research the developer’s background, financial stability, workmanship quality, track record, and portfolio to determine its trustworthiness.

The Larsen Glasshouse at East Bay Residences

4. Explore the amenities.

One of the advantages of condo dwelling is having leisurely top notch amenities at your arm’s length. That said, decide what amenities you want included in your chosen condo. These amenities can include anything from fitness gyms, swimming pools, badminton courts, function halls, to wide open spaces with lush greenery.

The Central Amenity area

5. Understand the house rules and regulations.

A practical tip is This may sound like a silly tip, but it’s important to ask what rules the condo has in place. These include the maximum number of people allowed per unit, if there is a curfew, and if pets are allowed. Since a condo is a shared space, these rules are meant to keep peace and security for all the residents.

Finding these out will help you see if the condo is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

6. Determine how resaleable the unit is.

If you’re buying a condo, you should also consider that the unit can be a source of profit in the long-run. In the future, you may decide to lease or sell your unit, and your unit, sell it, or flip it. So be smart about the unit. Factors like its location and its developer can help you determine its resale value.

Located at East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa, One establishment we recommend checking out is The Larsen Tower by Rockwell Primaries. Located within East Bay Residences along East Service Road in Muntinlupa, the condo is minutes away from Alabang, business districts, commercial centers, and prominent schools. It’s also near main thoroughfares to get to the North or South for quick out of town trips.

Rockwell Primaries sets the standard for modern lifestyles in quality homes within reach

Apart from its accessible location, it has a carefully curated Retail Row within its grounds, replete with a grocery, convenience store, bank, nail salon, and food and beverage establishments. with its own supermarket and bank. Exclusive amenities include wide sprawling spaces, jogging path, multi-purpose court, pool, and a fitness gym, among others. It is an ideal home for independent living.

To learn more about The Larsen Tower at East Bay Residences, visit its official website and follow their Facebook page

5 Work-From-Home Essentials for Better Productivity

The year 2020 marked a major shift in our ways of working. Certainly, work-from-home has brought with it a unique set of challenges as the lines between the personal and professional become more intertwined. 


However, more than a year into the pandemic, many valuable lessons have been gleaned. Now we have a better understanding of how to remain efficient, effective, and satisfied even while working from one’s home office. 


In this article, we gathered these best practices and distilled them into five essentials that demonstrate how to be productive at home

Create workplace inclusivity with “Social Boxes”


Work teams are vital to fostering work collaboration but these can also be helpful in solving challenges encountered while working from home. And make no mistake, the challenges that remote employees face can be as unique as their respective experiences and home situations.


If you lead a team, you are likely to have a mix of working parents, single parents, and solo dwellers across generations. Not to mention, a vibrant mix of personalities. According to Canadian remote work advisory firm, Virtira, you can create “social boxes” that bring together employees in your company with similar situations. These “social boxes” provide a virtual space, a work room if you will, where employees can discuss and share insights with colleagues that share the same challenges.. 


When safe spaces that foster collaboration on a more personal level are created, you can help boost morale and camaraderie among your employees or colleagues. That in turn can boost happiness on the job and ultimately, productivity. 


And because every company is a unique mix of individuals, take time to talk to your team or you boss to discuss a work-from-home policy that accommodates everyone’s needs.

Arrange for greater work flexibility 


A study conducted by Microsoft in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group and the KRC Research Group found that working from home actually boosted productivity by 34%, a positive outcome of a work set-up that tends to be subjected to distractions.Think the construction noise of a neighborhood doing renovations or the house pet that won’t stop pining for your attention during a Zoom meeting.


Fortunately, remote work can boost a sense of independence and work motivation, which is why flexibility is essential for results-based operations. After all, if you work remotely, non-office responsibilities will always be factored into your day, whether it’s caring for children, running personal errands, doing housework, or taking the requisite work break to recharge.


Furthermore, with the announcement of the occasional quarantine period, and the stay-at-home orders that come with it, it is certainly in the interest of one’s well-being to have time and literal space for oneself.


This can be as simple as taking breaks to step out of one’s home. If your residence has outdoor amenities like a great lawn, clubhouse or a poolside, take advantage of these spaces for those work breaks. You can even use the change of the scenery to brainstorm for work projects.

Create clear boundaries with a separate work zone


How to be (truly) productive working from home?


Make sure to maintain a clear demarcation between personal and work zones by having a separate room for your home office. In this regard, choosing a property like a condominium unit with the flexibility to accommodate your various needs will be vital to long-term work-from-home productivity.


The next step is to focus on how you set up, organize, and maintain order in your home office.


First of all, set the stage with furniture designed to help you feel comfortable. Ergonomic office chairs now come in a variety of sleek designs. A rising desk is another essential to consider. These desks are effective in preventing the negative health effects associated with sitting down all day including high blood pressure and blood sugar, and an increased risk for heart disease.

And when it comes to hardware for your desktop, let ergonomic design inform your choices as well. 


Finally, good design cannot be stressed enough. Even with highly functional office items, creating a space that inspires your creativity and puts you in the proper work mindset does wonders for productivity. Incorporate decorative items to keep office supplies organized. Choose durable shelves to display books and work files. Regale your walls with art. 


When you step into your home office every morning, you can better transition into the “work zone” without sacrificing the personal touches that distinguish your space–and make it a joy to work in.

….And a separate relaxation zone


Don’t forget that your home office is still located within the larger space that is your residence, so make sure to maintain that sense of home. While productivity is a key goal in one’s professional life, care should be taken not to let that productivity escalate into toxic workaholism. This happens when we become critical of ourselves for “not doing anything” even when it’s time to rest. The result will almost always lead to burnout.


Just as a clear work zone is best for productivity, a clear zone for relaxation can impact your well-being and happiness. This can be as easy as setting clear rules for not doing any office work in the bedroom or other spaces associated with rest,  recreation or socialization.


Another tip is to add nooks in your space that signal your brain to slow down and take it easy. Create a reading corner in your bedroom or living room by furnishing it with a comfy chair and a task light. If you have a balcony in your home, convert this into a small garden where you can tend to indoor plants. Love to create art or do DIY projects with your kids? Designate a well-lit space for painting or crafting. 

Have daily rituals


While flexibility is key for better work-from-home productivity, daily rituals are essential for well-being. 


Before the pandemic, common rituals included commuting to work or stopping by the coffee shop for your morning latte. These seemingly ordinary activities serve to provide structure and a sense of control over our lives, which in turn maintains the safety and security that human beings seek.


There is no reason such rituals should go away in a remote work set-up. It can be as simple as getting up at the same time everyday. Taking a daily walk or run in your neighborhood jogging path. Or even getting breakfast or a drink to go from your local grocery or convenience store


As our personal and professional needs and activities evolve with the shifting of the times, work-life balance becomes more important than ever. And so is a home that is flexible enough to change with you.


At East Bay Residences, whether you choose a 39-sqm one-bedroom or a 107-sqm three-bedroom unit, each unit type offers plenty of space to accommodate growing families, new passions, and shifting needs. 


And with a variety of amenities to enjoy, you can relax and recharge without needing to step out of the community. Shopping for essentials is also convenient, thanks to the retail row located within the development.


Find out more about currently available units by contacting Rockwell Primaries today.

Convenient living At East Bay Residences

By: Iris Gonzales

To live in a community which provides one the convenience of easy access to almost everything—from retail to leisure to recreation—and one which is in close proximity to the essential places such as airports and other key cities in Metro Manila, is one of the best decisions one can make.

It is a fact that Metro Manila has now become one of the busiest areas in the National Capital Region, with growing density of people and traffic congestion, which, these days, is slowly returning to its pre-pandemic volume.

It’s becoming more difficult to find a community where residents can find that perfect balance of having easy access to life’s essentials yet at the same time, enjoying the relaxed and breezy space that is tucked away from the madding crowd.

But Rockwell Primaries’ East Bay Residences in the laid-back city of Muntinlupa offers just that. It is an ideal place for anyone who’s looking to claim his or her first urban home that’s close to the heart of the industrial landscape of Metro Manila.

East Bay Residences is easily accessible to multiple cities via various routes and highways and numerous options for transportations. All the new roads are heaven-sent including the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX). There’s also the South Luzon Expressway, the newly-opened Skyway Stage 3 for those who need to travel back to the North, and the NAIA Expressway for those who need to reach the airport.

It is also just a short distance from some of the capital region’s most dynamic financial and commercial hubs including Alabang, Makati, and even Bonifacio Global City.

Retail row

On top of the easy access, East Bay Residences becomes even more convenient and enjoyable because of its carefully curated retail row, which provides all the essentials in just a few steps.

The carefully curated Retail Row offers convenience to residents.

There’s The Marketplace for all your quality market needs; BDO, one of the country’s top banks; Lawson, a convenience store that provides imported and locally-made products alike; and Pan de Manila where you can easily get freshly-baked bread. Starbucks Coffee can give you your quick coffee fix while Suds Go makes doing the laundry fun and easy. There’s also Prim and Pretty and RoyceTea.

What this Retail Row means is that residents don’t have to travel far to run errands so they can easily focus on doing what they need to do.


Located in KM21 East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa City, East Bay Residences is also within minutes from other retail hubs and service centers.

Living and Dining Area

In it is The Larsen Tower, which is set to stand 20-stories high, following The Fordham Tower, Rockwell Primaries’ first residential building in the property.

The 7.2-hectare tropical respite is sprawling with lush greenery and open space. Residents can choose from different units—from one-bedroom to three-bedroom condominiums, all equipped with a master floor plan and the essential features of a comfortable home.

Master’s Bedroom

There’s the one-bedroom unit for young and budding professionals, while couples can own the two-bedroom and two-bedroom prime. Families can enjoy living together in the three-bedroom unit where the space is enough for family members to share.


Outside their units, residents can enjoy a wide array of amenities. They can sweat it out at the fitness gym and jogging path, which are perfect for exercise and other wellness activities. They can take a dip in the swimming pool to refresh one’s body and soul. There are also gazebos where residents can create memories with their loved ones.

The Amenity Deck is available for one’s enjoyment

These are just some of the amenities available for the residents to use and enjoy while living in East Bay Residences.

Green city

Muntinlupa City not only provides convenience; it is also an ideal city for investment.

As a progressive and green city, it has been recognized for its local efforts to combat environmental degradation. For instance, Muntinlupa has managed to curb its carbon footprint by implementing measures such as the use of electric public utility vehicles and building green algae farms which will have long-term positive effects for the city.

Living in such a progressive and green environment is a factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, in Muntinlupa, you won’t have to worry about the damaging effects of pollution with the various environment-friendly initiatives being done by the local government and the community.

Add it all up and you’ll see that there are more than enough reasons for living or investing in a property in East Bay Residences by Rockwell Primaries, here in the laid-back yet progressive city of Muntinlupa.


Elevating a modern lifestyle in Kapitolyo

These days, new needs emerge when looking for a home within the metro. Location and space remain to be important considerations, but the quality of life a residence offers has also become key. Features such as amenities and retail areas add to one’s overall experience, and their quality is what makes a home stand out among the options one has in a certain locale.

The Vantage at Kapitolyo is Rockwell Primaries’ high-rise development in Pasig City, making its mark in the city skyline with modern conveniences blended with contemporary living spaces. In its two towers, units range from studios to three-bedrooms. These provide one with options to own a space that suits their needs, whether they’re a young professional in need of a place near their workplace or a starting family looking for a home to settle down in. Amenities such as swimming pools, a function room, fitness gym, and play areas are likewise available to offer places for rest and leisure. Currently, The Vantage West Tower is ready for residents to move in, and the East Tower will soon follow suit.

City view from The Vantage at night

Its central location makes it easily accessible through different modes of transportation. The Vantage is in the midst of the three major central business districts of Makati, Ortigas, and BGC. Travel time to the latter is made even faster with the newly-opened Kalayaan Bridge, linking the cities of Pasig and Taguig and cutting down travel time from an hour to just 12 minutes.

Newly-opened Kalayaan Bridge

For everyday essentials, residents need only to visit The Vantage Retail Row below them for Watsons pharmacy, and dining options like Mos Burger. Starbucks Coffee, Assi Fresh Plaza, Lawson, and Hair MNL will soon be part of this retail mix and have more to offer for the community. Within its immediate vicinity is also a bustling local food destination, and residents can easily satisfy their different appetites with a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes.

Living and dining area

Apart from living spaces and amenities, The Vantage is also backed by Rockwell’s signature promise: an experienced Property Management Team to take care of the development, 24/7 Security for one’s peace of mind, a dedicated Leasing Team for those who invested in units, and 100% back-up power to ensure the property remains up and running whatever the weather. These facilities and more are currently being enjoyed by those who have begun residing in The Vantage, marking the beginnings of its budding neighborhood.

West Tower Lobby

Only a limited number of units are left for one call The Vantage home, and enjoy a holistic lifestyle that suits every purpose. With its completion, The Vantage at Kapitolyo by Rockwell Primaries is ready to warmly welcome those who choose to be a part of this vibrant vertical community.

Swimming pool

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The Best Family Bonding Activities To Do In Muntinlupa

Named by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the Most Business-Friendly City in the Philippines, Muntinlupa has seen massive growth despite being one of the youngest cities in Metro Manila. In fact, as of 2019, the city has become home to 15,400 businesses, among them several tech companies located within the PEZA zone.

While it is a major center for commerce, Muntinlupa is also a prime residential spot, thanks to its proximity to key cities, not to mention Tagaytay, which is an hour’s drive away. Needless to say, residents can enjoy a bevvy of family activities.

But despite limitations to movement brought about by the pandemic, a well-planned community can provide residents with all the creature comforts of urban living. In this article we list down five things to do in Muntinlupa that you and your family can enjoy without having to travel far from home!


Visit your community’s green spaces

If your own neighborhood has its own garden, you can maximize these spaces for outdoor activities. Host a laidback picnic with homemade snacks and refreshments; invite the family for an outdoor game of badminton; or simply sit back and soak in the sunshine. 

A development like East Bay Residences is a great example of a community that has “more nature than structure.” You can relax in one of several outdoor amenities like the great lawn, barbecue area, or gazebo, or bond with the family in the playground or tree court.

These simple activities underline the joys of communing with nature within your community, providing a refreshing break from all the time you may be spending indoors during quarantine periods–all without the need to travel far.

Enjoy a home

Staycations usually conjure up images of over-the-weekend getaways in a nearby luxury hotel or bed and breakfast. Nowadays, with restrictions in place, this isn’t always the most accessible or safest way to go on a brief break with family.

However, nothing can stop you from rethinking the staycation on your own terms.

You can certainly set the scene for a relaxing break within the comforts of  home. How to begin? Brainstorm for fun activities that everybody in your household will enjoy. 

A spa treatment is sure to put everyone in a relaxing mood. Play relaxing tunes, then provide spa treatments that you can easily recreate at home: an epsom salt-and essential oil foot bath; a rejuvenating facial with a sheet or clay mask of choice ; a pampering soak using your favorite, foamy bath bomb; or a fun DIY manicure and pedicure. 

If a Netflix marathon is more your thing, level up the viewing experience by inviting the entire family to dress up as their favorite movie or TV characters. In lieu of hotel room service, prepare a themed snack spread. Create a platter of hand-rolled Kimbap, Korean cheese corn, and bottles of Soju to accompany your favorite K-drama. Or put together a Bridgerton-inspired menu of decidedly English treats including finger sandwiches, scones and jam, and the requisite hot tea with a variety of flavors to choose from, like the ones you would usually find in a hotel minibar.

Wish to be taken back to summers in wine country? If you have an all-adult household, organize a wine and cheese tasting session at home. You can even order a curated graze box to accompany the festivities. 

Whether you choose to turn things up with a watch party or wind down with a spa or yoga session, a staycation at home gives you the flexibility to do as you wish!


Order in and relax at home

If dining out is not an option, you can always elevate your at-home family dinner–or lunch or brunch. Now that working from home and distance learning is the norm for several households, having to put together a full meal can sometimes feel understandably daunting.

Cut yourself some slack and order in or take out deliciously prepared meals from your favorite establishments or neighborhood’s grocery. Then take a cue from your favorite dining destinations and set the scene in your dining room. Choose an apt playlist to accompany the meal. Turn down the lights to create a relaxing mood for an evening meal. And lastly, decorate with a vibrant table setting. You certainly don’t need to wait for a special occasion to dine–and bond with family–with extra flair.

Enjoy the signature Rockwell Lifestyle at East Bay Residences

At a development like East Bay Residences, you and your family will always have ideas for what to do in Muntinlupa–and you need not travel far to enjoy yourselves.

Thanks to the condo amenities, you have easy access to various outdoor areas like a great lawn, barbecue area, and playground where you can relax and enjoy. On the other hand, the pool area, jogging path, and gym helps you stay physically fit.

East Bay Residences also features a retail row where you can do your groceries, run bank errands, or take out food and drinks.

Finally, the development features units with generous space for every family bonding activity. Cuts range from 35 square meters for a one-bedroom to 107 square meters for a three-bedroom. Choose a flexible space that fits your lifestyle best at The Fordham or The Larsen Tower.


Ready to find a well-appointed home in Muntinlupa where you can have quality time with the family? Contact us today to learn more.

The Best House Plants for your Urban Sanctuary

One of the most popular home trends to come out of the 2020 pandemic is the inclusion of more house plants in one’s abode. As individuals and families started regaling their spaces with all manner of indoor greenery, the local terms “plantito” and “plantita” emerged as a declaration of one’s newfound love for gardening. And that came in the form of tending to the best house plants for any type of home, whether one lived in a studio or a sprawling bungalow. 

In fact, this growing love for indoor plants was observed across the globe. Alice Vincent, author of the book, Rootbound: Rewilding A Life says, “I’m sure many of us have sought solace and healing from the wonders of the living world during the anxious months of lockdown.”

And as early as 1989, a famous study conducted by NASA’s Stennis Space Center declared plants “nature’s life support system.” The study, which continues to be referenced to this day, resulted in a list of 29 plants noted for their air purifying benefits. This includes chrysanthemum, evergreens, ferns, orchids, as well as the plants in our list below. 

These benefits of indoor plants endear them even more to home dwellers. Not only do they provide aesthetic value, they also help improve health and well-being. If you are interested in bringing plants into your home, we recommend the following varieties for your garden.

Sleep better with snake plants

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep – or a daytime nap- snake plants are revered for their ability to clean and refresh the air. Characterized by tall dark green leaves bordered by a yellow hue, snake plants which also go by the moniker, “mother-in-law’s tongue,” clear the air of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Like many of the best house plants to include in your garden, they require little maintenance. However, one should take care not to ingest the leaves as they can be toxic. So, make sure to keep young children and pets away from this plant.

In addition to snake plants, spider plants are another variety that can help keep indoor air clean.

Alleviate skin problems with aloe vera 

Aloe Vera has long been known for its beauty benefits, but also its ability to heal a number of skin conditions and irritations. Moreover, the plant’s thick gel can be used for managing acne, and healing burns, cuts, and sores. 

There is also evidence that consuming aloe vera can alleviate heartburn, improve digestion, and manage constipation. However reports have shown that care should be taken when drinking aloe vera due to risks for liver damage and stomach cramps. It can also be harmful for individuals with certain medical conditions, so always consult with your health professional before consuming aloe vera juice. In the same vein, if you wish to harvest aloe vera gel for topical use, consult with your dermatologist beforehand. 

As a house plant, aloe vera, which is technically a succulent, is low maintenance. They require bright but indirect sunlight, as too much sun will dry out the leaves. Moreover, watering aloe vera needs to be done only every two to three weeks.

Make a statement with dragon tree plants

The towering dragon tree plant is hardy, eye-catching, and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for indoor gardens. Originating from Madagascar, dragon tree plants feature tall leaves that resemble swords. Although they grow slow, these plants can reach 20 feet, however they may be pruned to keep their height to six feet. 

Apart from providing visual appeal in your home, dragon tree plants can also help purify the air, even reducing levels of lead particles

Calm down with philodendrons

With several varieties that come in a range of colors from bright green all the way to black as well as pink, philodendrons are a great choice for new home gardeners due to their ease of care and decorative value. The heart-shaped, waxy leaves of philodendrons, which grow quickly, are capable of trapping dust, making them great for improving indoor air quality. 

And as with all plants in this list, philodendrons contribute to an overall sense of calm and well-being. In fact, studies show that plants can help reduce mental stress, a must as we spend more time working or studying from home.

Enjoy your own urban sanctuary with Easy Bay Residences

As many urban gardeners have demonstrated, you can create your own sanctuary at home! Located in Sucat, Muntinlupa, East Bay Residences has everything you need within reach for a home that is both convenient, strategically located within the city, and conducive to relaxation. 

Enjoy a variety of amenities that include sports facilities, open spaces, and a retail row with its very own grocery.

East Bay Residences also features generous cuts in its unit types. The Larsen Tower offers one-bedroom units starting at 35 square meters all the way to three-bedroom units measuring 107 square meters.  On the other hand, The Fordham Tower has junior two-bedroom units at 48 square meters and two-bedroom prime units at 73 to 74 square meters.

Whichever unit type fits your needs, there is more than enough space for living, growing and even accommodating an indoor garden to complete the urban sanctuary feel.

Find out more about currently available units by contacting Rockwell