Discover what independence feels like in our one bedroom units. Built as an ideal home for a young entrepreneur or a viable investment for a budding professional, there is enough space here to cater to your needs.

Starting at Php 8,000 monthly, the one bedroom units at The Larsen Tower offer value for money with enough flexibility to make it your own, making it an investment that’s truly worth your while.

Price Range – ₱5.6M – ₱8M

Size Range – 36 – 39 sqm



Starting a family is an exciting adventure to take. Begin by investing in a place for your growing family and let our two-bedroom unit be your future home.

Starting at Php 13,000 monthly, the two-bedroom units come with ample spaces conducive for small families who value personal space and security.

Feel safe and secure at The Larsen Tower’s two-bedroom unit as you look forward to growing with the family and making future plans happen.

Price Range – ₱10.3M – ₱11.1M

Size Range – 57 sqm



As the family grows, they need to  invest in homes with more space to accommodate every family member’s needs.

Starting at Php 18,000 monthly, the two-bedroom prime come in wider cuts perfect for those who want to dedicate a space for their family’s hobbies and interests. Its bedrooms are spacious enough for an activity area and a workspace in their rooms. It also comes with two bathrooms, a utility room, a storage room, and a balcony which are all essential to family living.

Allow your family to thrive at The Larsen Tower’s two-bedroom prime units.

Price Range – ₱10.2M – ₱11.6M 

Size Range – 65 – 67 sqm



Whether it be a home or a lifetime investment, find a place that allows your family their personal space to their lifestyle demands. Starting at Php 18,000 per month, the Larsen Tower’s three-bedroom units are perfect for growing families and investors.

With wider cuts and expansive areas, these generous units provide residents with more room for creating memories and stronger connections with the family. It can also be an appreciating addition to your real estate portfolio.

Come and see how you and your  family can have more to explore with our three-bedroom units.

Price Range – ₱12.4M – ₱29.6M

Size Range – 78 – 191 sqm



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    A future-ready space that is flexible enough to match your needs in each phase of your life. You can convert the second bedroom to a den and can serve as a workspace or an entertainment area.

    For an individual dweller, the condominium unit anticipates space for hobbies and interests where one’s progressing set of skills will thrive.

    Price Range – ₱6.5M – ₱7M

    Size Range – 44 sqm – 46 sqm



    An ideal place for families whose children are developing new interests and are learning to be more independent. You can entertain more guests as living and dining areas are laid out for better accommodation.

    There’s also enough room for the house help to stay in, and two bathrooms for the growing families convenience.

    Price Range – ₱10M – ₱11.3M 
    Size Range – 73 sqm – 74 sqm



    Every part of your condo home is generously proportioned, wherein the common areas are spacious enough for having guests over, and the bedrooms are highly livable.

    Addresses a typical family’s usual requirement for additional space for a maid’s room that can be converted to a storage area.

    Price Range – 15M
    Size Range – 99 sqm

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