Here’s a Helpful Guide on What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Very First Condo in Metro Manila

Buying your first condo can be quite the investment. Here’s how to make it a bit simpler.

Here's a Helpful Guide on What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Very First Condo in Metro Manila

Condo-living may be the closest you can get to achieving the live-work-play lifestyle, especially in Metro Manila. Condos have amenities at arms’ length, are situated in prime locations, and require less maintenance. It’s the kind of environment that attracts young professionals who are striving for independence while making a name for themselves, and are looking for versatile investments that provide value for money.

If you are planning to buy your first condo, here are a few things to guide you in making the best choice:

1. Assess your financial capacity and set a budget.

Shopping for your first condo is an exciting process, and it is important to assess what your budget is for it. but you must also remember to first assess your financial capacity. The cost of getting a condo is separate from the costs for maintaining and keeping it.

Living and dining area at The Larsen Tower by Rockwell Primaries

Apart from your monthly rent, other expenses include be prepared to pay for association dues (paid for the upkeep of the condo), realty taxes, and utilities. When scouting for a condo, ask about these extra fees and the services that entail them. , where they go, and what they cover before you decide if it falls within your budget.

2. Zero in on a location that complements your lifestyle.

Your condo’s location can make or break your daily routine. Make sure to factor in your travel time to places you frequent, like the office or school, and consider your proximity to essential places like supermarkets, banks, clinics, and service centers.

East Bay Retail Row

We all know that traffic is a major stressor, so it’s best to consider your condo’s proximity to your workplace or school, service centers and retail hubs like banks, clinics, and supermarkets, the traffic in the area, and neighborhood security.

3. Research the property developer.

Make sure that your chosen property developer has a solid reputation. Research the developer’s background, financial stability, workmanship quality, track record, and portfolio to determine its trustworthiness.

The Larsen Glasshouse at East Bay Residences

4. Explore the amenities.

One of the advantages of condo dwelling is having leisurely top notch amenities at your arm’s length. That said, decide what amenities you want included in your chosen condo. These amenities can include anything from fitness gyms, swimming pools, badminton courts, function halls, to wide open spaces with lush greenery.

The Central Amenity area

5. Understand the house rules and regulations.

A practical tip is This may sound like a silly tip, but it’s important to ask what rules the condo has in place. These include the maximum number of people allowed per unit, if there is a curfew, and if pets are allowed. Since a condo is a shared space, these rules are meant to keep peace and security for all the residents.

Finding these out will help you see if the condo is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

6. Determine how resaleable the unit is.

If you’re buying a condo, you should also consider that the unit can be a source of profit in the long-run. In the future, you may decide to lease or sell your unit, and your unit, sell it, or flip it. So be smart about the unit. Factors like its location and its developer can help you determine its resale value.

Located at East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa, One establishment we recommend checking out is The Larsen Tower by Rockwell Primaries. Located within East Bay Residences along East Service Road in Muntinlupa, the condo is minutes away from Alabang, business districts, commercial centers, and prominent schools. It’s also near main thoroughfares to get to the North or South for quick out of town trips.

Rockwell Primaries sets the standard for modern lifestyles in quality homes within reach

Apart from its accessible location, it has a carefully curated Retail Row within its grounds, replete with a grocery, convenience store, bank, nail salon, and food and beverage establishments. with its own supermarket and bank. Exclusive amenities include wide sprawling spaces, jogging path, multi-purpose court, pool, and a fitness gym, among others. It is an ideal home for independent living.

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