Top Condo Amenities to Look for when Buying a Unit

Condo amenities should never be just an afterthought. In fact, when you are looking to buy a unit, your prospective development should offer a variety of amenities to cater to your need for some daily rest and recreation, to get in a regular workout, or to invite guests. 

When doing an ocular visit of a condo unit that you are interested in, be sure to make time to explore the other features of the development. The presence of these amenities means careful thought was given to the balanced lifestyle that the developer would like to offer to residents.

In this article, we list down ten amenities to look for!

Top 9 Condo Amenities 

1. Lap Pool

Lap pools provide recreation but are also an invitation to exercise. A standard lap pool starts at ten meters but can stretch to 25 meters. Check with the developer regarding the depth of the pool and look for additional amenities such as a shower area, locker room, and perhaps any outdoor seating areas for the much needed sunshine as you swim in the lap pool.

2. Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools, like an adult pool are a common amenity that condo buyers look for. This signals the development’s family-friendliness by including features that cater to younger residents. As with the adult pool, ask the developer’s sales representative about the depth of the kiddie pool.

3. Fitness Gym

Having a fitness gym within the development is a big plus. First of all, there is no need to leave your place to get in a good indoor workout. But it gets even better if the gym is equipped with a full range of equipment so you can do anything from machine workouts to functional training as well as cardio. 

4. Jogging Path

Larger developments are afforded the luxury of space to include generous condominium amenities such as open spaces and landscaping. If the location that you are eyeing offers more opportunities for you to break into a sweat, such as having its own jogging path, consider it a major plus. This also means the developer considers wellness as a significant element in the design of the property

5. Function Room

Function rooms give you the option of holding your social event closer to home versus a farther venue. When doing an ocular of the development you are considering, ask about the capacity of their function room, in addition to assessing the design. Look for high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a clean canvas for any type of event design.

6. Clubhouse 

The clubhouse is the central location for several of the development’s amenities. Usually, these will house the function room or even the gym. However, even if you’re not hosting a celebration or putting in a workout, the clubhouse can also serve as another option for you to simply hang out and get in some R&R. 

7. Great Lawn

On the other hand, relaxing amidst a natural environment outdoors in the condo amenities is vital to one’s overall wellness. A pocket garden or even a Great Lawn can provide plenty of breathing space for more serene activities like meditation or yoga (you also get a healthy dose of natural light), or even a laid back picnic or simply a spot to reflect.

8. Barbecue Area

In addition to pockets of greenery, a designated area for a family barbecue is a condo amenity to look forward to. With a separate space for the high energy of an outdoor barbecue, you can concentrate on the festivities and bonding with your guests and loved ones. 

9. Playground

Kids also deserve their own outdoor space not just to socialize with other children but to get in a fun play time. A well-equipped playground has plenty of structures to cater to kids of all ages: the requisite see-saw, slide, and monkey bars among others. Not to mention, plenty of space for them to move around and socialize with playmates.

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