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The Vantage At Kapitolyo Offers Personalized Convenience, Flexibility

Transform your 2BR-condo unit into the home that you deserve. Rockwell Primaries’ units offer flexibility, allowing homeowners to convert their second room to a den, nursery, an entertainment room, or even into their home office. Experience urban city living with The Vantage at Kapitolyo, Rockwell Primaries’ first high-rise development in Pasig. PR photo
As Rockwell Primaries recognizes the growing need for a more flexible condo unit that will cater to their homeowners’ lifestyle, The Vantage at Kapitolyo, the high-rise development of Rockwell Primaries in Pasig, City, offers one- and two-bedroom units that can be transformed into the kind of space one needs.  

“We designed our spaces with the homeowners’ needs in mind,” Architect Rochelle Baylon, project head of The Vantage, said. “We took into account the possibility that they may want to convert their second bedroom into a more useful space, like a workstation, their own fitness gym or a nursery.”

The Vantage offers its one-bedroom unit at 40 to 43 sqm., slightly larger than the typical sizes of many 1BR units, and the flexible 2BR unit at nearly 60 sqm. With these flexible spaces, homeowners have the option to move around more and personalize each nook and cranny according to their liking.

For example, one can turn the extra room into a walk-in closet, Baylon suggested. It can also be a homeowner’s cozy home office.

Flexible units, flexible payment terms

Aside from the usual payment terms that Rockwell Primaries offers for The Vantage, they recently introduced their straight to amortization payment term for their 1BR and Flexi 2BR units where interested buyers only need to pay the reservation fee and head straight to amortization without the usual spot down payment, making it easier for them to own the Rockwell Primaries home that they want.

To know more about the flexible payment terms and the opportunities that can be done for the second room, drop by the Rockwell Power Plant Mall from Feb. 22 to Mar. 4, 2016 to view a model unit of The Vantage.

The Vantage will be turned over by 2020. For more details on Rockwell Primaries and its properties, visit their website at or their Facebook page at