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Rockwell Primaries To Bring 'magic' To Broader Market

It is all about bringing that signature Rockwell “premium” to a broader market.

This, in essence, is what Rockwell Primaries has set out to do following its inception back in 2012. As a subsidiary of Rockwell Land Corp., it carries with it a highly distinguished legacy of delivering structural masterpieces and landmark developments that speak volumes about opulence, high quality and customized services.

With Rockwell Primaries, the Lopez-led parent firm is now seeking to create and offer another “category” of developments that would cater to a growing clamor for upscale projects that only the famed Rockwell magic can provide.

“Rockwell Primaries aims to transform lives by creating best value quality homes our target market can be proud of. We offer projects that will address the market's need for quality, livable and efficiently planned units and communities. The people behind Rockwell Primaries much like Rockwell Land are committed to deliver better than good quality development,” said Rockwell Primaries  SVP Malou Pineda.

“We commit and ensure that our residents will experience a community of shared personalities and values. Rockwell Primaries is more than a home as we provide our clients with an investment to ensure their money's worth,” she added.


Same standards

Rockwell Primaries was created for people who are familiar with the brand and want to experience the Rockwell lifestyle. Through this brand, Rockwell Land hopes to better serve the needs of a wider segment of a growing market.

While there may be differences as compared to the developments within the Rockwell Center in Makati City, the projects of Rockwell Primaries will undoubtedly adhere to the same quality and standards, and will exude the same vibe of comfort and ease.

“By building on the Rockwell heritage, Rockwell Primaries looks to provide its customers quality service in property design and management. The company remains committed to make the distinct Rockwell lifestyle more readily available to more young Filipino families and urban professionals,” Pineda noted.

“Our promise is to deliver exceptional and quality living for both families and individuals. Rockwell Primaries provides the market the lifestyle that they deserve, through our various developments like 53 Benitez and The Vantage at Kapitolyo. Really, what makes us unique and a cut above the rest is the exclusive value we offer to customers looking for a home that is not only accessible and reasonably priced, but also well-managed and maintained,” she added.



Earning the trust

Meanwhile, here are the top three reasons why Rockwell Primaries is earning the trust and confidence of many homebuyers and why, despite the number of developments readily available in the market, the company has piqued the curiosity even of the most discerning buyers and investors.


1. Enhanced value

With real estate buyers becoming more cautious with their decisions, Rockwell Primaries is well aware that it has to bring to the table developments whose values will highly increase over time.

Take for instance Rockwell Primaries’ initial offering: the two-tower, mid-rise project dubbed 53 Benitez, which has been quite a success given the few units left available for selling. 53 Benitez evokes the premium kind of living that has been synonymous to every Rockwell Land development but at a more attainable price.

Catering to the needs of driven urban achievers and discerning decision makers, 53 Benitez would surely not disappoint as it is guaranteed to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience with its carefully thought out amenities and spacious unit cuts.


2. Property management services

Rockwell Primaries works on the mantra of quality living made affordable and builds on a commitment to provide well-managed properties even after their turnover.

This means that future homeowners of Primaries' 53 Benitez and The Vantage at Kapitolyo are assured that the developments and their respective facilities and amenities will remain in tiptop condition, thus ensuring a highly conducive environment for them. Homeowners are likewise assured that their concerns will be adequately and immediately addressed by the property management.

Indeed, with compelling reasons as these, it is no longer surprising that even after launching only two projects to date, Rockwell Primaries has already generated a buzz in the industry.



3. Location

The team behind Rockwell Primaries knows that for a development to be of great value, it has to be strategically located, given that at this day and age, accessibility and convenience are often at the forefront of one’s considerations.

Take for instance its latest development, The Vantage at Kapitolyo. Situated within the heart of Metro Manila's four major business districts—Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas and Mandaluyong—the development sits in a prime location where future residents are sure to gain easy access to the area's growing local food scene as well as key shopping malls, schools, offices, hospitals, and other institutional areas of interest.

With its highly ideal location, The Vantage at Kapitolyo, upon completion, will provide residents the city living experience that they often desire—only this time, it will be within the confines of a safe, accessible and close-knit community.

The Vantage's accessibility and proximity to key business districts indeed plays a big role in making this development truly the perfect home of choice for hardworking individuals and their families.