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Rockwell Primaries: The Lifestyle You Deserve

Have you ever asked yourself when it’s time to finally choose and purchase that dream home you and your family have been wanting for so long? Rockwell Land’s newest subsidiary, Rockwell Primaries, now offers young families a home and lifestyle they truly deserve.

Rockwell Primaries introduces 53 Benitez, its much-awaited mid-rise residential development where you and your family can build a life together in a safe and family-oriented community. Invest in well-planned property and experience the distinct lifestyle of Rockwell, all at a more reasonable price.


Living conditions

Nestled within the cozy neighbourhood of New Manila, 53 Benitez provides accessible and efficient living conditions for discerning families. “We provide families and individuals the exclusivity of Rockwell living as well as accessibility to prime establishments and institutions,” said Malou Pineda, Primaries Development Corp senior vice president.

“At Rockwell Primaries we understand the needs and preferences of our residents such as convenience, security, safety and efficient medium-rise building design,” she added.

53 Benitez features a two mid-rise boutique enclave with two- and three-bedroom units with floor areas ranging from 63 to 95 square meters, perfect for families that aim to get a new and safe home to build their lives within the comforts of the city.


Passive technology

A unique element integrated in 53 Benitez’s design is passive technology, where the indoors and outdoors blend together effortlessly. The development’s “private bridgeways” gives you a renewed sense of space and privacy.

The property boasts of a swimming pool, a neighborhood convenience store, laundry service, water station and reliable security measures within the enclave. Residents can also entertain guests and friends at The Clubhouse in 53 Benitez.

To ensure the safety of its residents, 53 Benitez will have 24-hour security and perimeter lighting, emergency power for common areas, automatic fire alarm and fire protection system and CCTV monitoring systems.

With its tropical modern architecture, verdant landscaping, coupled with functional amenities that can soothe one’s troubled mind, 53 Benitez provides you with a long-lasting investment that will complement your families’ needs.

The lifestyle you deserve is now within reach. Take a break from the hustle of the city and experience the Rockwell lifestyle at 53 Benitez. Coming home to your dream house arrives sooner as turnover takes place by July 2016. The model units are located at the corner of P. Tuazon Street and C. Benitez in New Manila, Quezon City.