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Rockwell Primaries Infuses Trademark Charm In East Bay Residences

Rockwell Primaries infuses trademark charm in East Bay Residences


WHO CAN RESIST the charm of southern living?

Even Rockwell Primaries, an innovator in its segment, has not been spared from the allure of the south, where it now seeks to create a sanctuary that will seamlessly blend this serene, laid back community with the brand’s famed way of life.

“The South Metro Manila is known to be the sanctuary of tight-knit communities that thrives in nature. What makes it even more special is the nostalgic feeling it brings to one’s mind-the suburban life one can relate to-having gardens and backyards to play or just simply enjoy the cool breeze of the area,” Rockwell Primaries SVP, Malou Pineda.


Joining the fray

With the fast-paced, and at times, chaotic life in the urban jungle taking a toll on one’s health and overall wellbeing, it is no longer surprising that more people are now looking for an alternative sanctuary, where one can relax at the end of a tiring day.

It is for this reason that the known innovator for the broader market, Rockwell Primaries, decided to join the fray of developers that have flocked to the area in the hopes of providing that much needed breather to individuals who have grown tired and weary of the metropolis’ turmoil.

A subsidiary of the Lopez-led Rockwell Land Corp., the entry of Rockwell Primaries is expected to benefit the South as the company has committed to bring with it not only its own expertise in creating masterfully planned developments but also its parent firm’s legacy in building communities that redefine one’s way of life.

“Developments and infrastructures are happening in the Southern corridor of Metro Manila. Rockwell Primaries is also participating to extend its vision to create quality living in that area. Rockwell is taking all that is good about the South and will further transform it, to create a fresh start through Rockwell Primaries’ latest project,” Pineda related.

Indeed, there are no promises of miracles and phenomenal things happening with the entry of the brand as it is well aware that it also has to respect the way of life that the southerners have been used to-that distinct culture which allows them to revel in that relaxed and unhurried lifestyle.



What Rockwell Primaries aspires to achieve on the contrary is to be able to seamlessly blend and adapt to the southerners’ lifestyle and, in the process, also infuse its own distinct character, innovations, and learnings, which could only further enhance the quality of living in the south.

“We know how individuals clamor for a life that’s centered on comfort and convenience. Rockwell Primaries understands this need that’s why we have acquired and started to transform the old Tribeca to East Bay Residences. What we have on our hand is a huge task of transforming a 6.5 hectare residential space in Sucat, Muntinlupa into a community that will make those living in the area feel like they have the best of both worlds-the modern comforts and convenience that city living provides combined with the laidback and relaxed ambience that makes the suburban South really distinct,” Pineda explained.

Rockwell Primaries earlier entered into a partnership agreement with the principals of ATR to develop the remaining unutilized land in the former Tribeca into a prime residential community that espouses that warm, comfy and safe environment that all Rockwell Primaries projects are known for.

“As our parent company has been known to change landscapes (Power Plant to Rockwell Center), Rockwell Primaries is now set to transform Tribeca Residences into a warm and inspiring neighborhood,” Pineda added.


Life balance

East Bay Residences is currently the brand’s biggest development to date and its first residential property in the South side of Metro Manila. With the development’s prime location, expansive on-ground amenities, safe and secure environment as well as its pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood, one is guaranteed to achieve that so-called life balance.

Rockwell Primaries, through its East Bay Residences development, is expected to bring something new to the community, one that’s set to excite the market, pique the curiosity of investors and get the nod of the country’s most discerning home-seekers. Highly regarded for its well-designed and well-thought out developments, Rockwell Primaries’ East Bay Residences is guaranteed to further up the ante in the southern suburbia.


“We acknowledge all the good that the south has to offer: laid-back atmosphere, open space and green landscapes, and warm neighborhood. Our brand promises to elevate lives by creating best value quality homes modern Filipinos can be proud of. And how are we going to bring this through East Bay? Definitely, it will be on the quality of the product that we will deliver and the signature Rockwell Primaries ’enhancers’ that we will incorporate,” Pineda claimed.

Much like its parent firm, Rockwell Primaries is known for delivering quality developments, which provide comfortable spaces for the family. It is also not one to scrimp on landscaping, which means that in every development that it creates, it infuses that certain sophisticated ambience and vibe.

And with a dependable property management service courtesy of Rockwell Property Management Corp., one is assured to have only the best investment guaranteed to increase in value overtime. But more than all these, it is the peace of mind and sense of security that Rockwell Primaries provides to its homebuyers that makes it truly a stand out, a worthy investment.

By having reliable facilities in the development such as water reserve, 100 percent back-up power in all common areas and inside the condo units, as well as exclusive key card access in elevators, future homeowners need not worry about a thing which in this chaotic world is a welcome respite.


Community retail

Also, the addition of community retail is expected to provide more convenience to homeowners and its neighbouring community. The row and mix of establishments in the retail area is seen to serve as a one-stop hub for “things to do” outside one’s home.

“We are redefining the comforts of south living and we aim to do this by creating and building something that would allow individuals and future homeowners to give their kids and loved ones the kind of life they imagined, one where memories are created, relationships are built and ties are strengthened,” Pineda concluded.

Fordham Tower is East Bay Residences’ first development by Rockwell Primaries. Onboard the project’s development are PRSP as the design consultant; Alice Erfe as its interior designer; and a number of other brilliant minds.

Meanwhile interested buyers may visit the developments Pop-Up display at the Power Plant Mall starting October 10 until October 27.


Rockwell Primaries boosts southern charm

Allure of southern living—one that sets an easy tone, relaxing vibe and comforting rhythm—attracts ‘innovator’


THERE’S SOMETHING about southern suburban living that makes it highly appealing for many.

Perhaps, it’s the calming, laid-back ambience that it offers to residents, or that characteristic tightly-knit community that can be found there. For whatever reason it may be, living in the south of Metro Manila is often regarded as an ideal proposition to build a future or raise a family.

This appeal has become even more apparent as the hustle and bustle of the metropolis continued to put a toll on a person’s overall wellbeing. Such has prompted many to look for a suitable location where one can recharge and rejuvenate at the end of a tiring day, without having to give up the modern conveniences or going too far from the city.

Indeed, despite its ongoing urbanization and modernization, the south has retained its quaint charm, having preserved its unique, distinct appeal to many homebuyers. And this has similarly drawn the investors and developers alike to tap the allure of southern living-one that sets an easy tone, relaxing vibe and comforting rhythm.


Seamlessly blend

One developer who has set out to seamlessly blend in and adapt to the cool and easy vibe of the life in the south is Rockwell Land Corporation’s very own Rockwell Primaries.

A subsidiary of the Lopez-led Rockwell Land, Rockwell Primaries caters to a broader market that is well aware of the things that they want and deserve. Although considerably new in the game, this latest innovator in the broader market has managed to easily carve its own niche in the market by understanding the behaviour of the people that it targets to serve.

Its entry in the south is thus seen to make life for southerners even more exciting as it brings to the table its parent firm’s expertise in creating developments that make life truly relaxing, convenient and sophisticated.

Here are some of the other reasons why East Bay Residences should be your home of choice in the south.


Prime developer

Rockwell Primaries’ bestguarantee for its investors and homebuyers is the fact that it is backed by one of the country’s most respected names in the real estate industry.

Any project that Rockwell Primaries undertakes is thus backed by a solid track record, expertise, and reliability when it comes to structural integrity, design and planning.

As such, the developer behind East Bay Residences is guaranteed to turn over a property that can be passed on even to the next generation and whose value is expected to further increase over time.


Retail convenience

The East Bay Residences, once completed, will afford residents and neighboring communities with the convenience of having almost everything that they need within reach given the development’s own retail component.

This would spare homeowners from having to travel far and endure the metro traffic for their shopping needs.

Once completed, the three-storey retail hub will house a supermarket, cinema, banks, dining establishments, cafes and bars among others, thus enabling homebuyers to bask in the comfort of living a truly convenient life.


Innovative features

Rockwell Primaries is out to take a notch higher the process of building a highly liveable residential development as future residents of East Bay Residences are guaranteed to have on their hands a true masterpiece that may not be too common in this market segment.

Seen to set new standards, East Bay Residences will provide future residents reliable services and facilities, better and enhanced recreation amenities, and well-planned units—making it a perfect alternative to the usual house-and-lot developments in the south.

This latest development from Rockwell Primaries is seen to feature innovative designs that are distinctly associated with the brand. With passive cooling technology, through the garden atrium, floating corridors and private bridgeways East Bay effortlessly blends the indoors and the outdoors, thus allowing for cross ventilation, and enabling residents to enjoy the breeze of natural air in common areas.

Meanwhile the private bridge ways, unlike the typical atrium designs in other mid-rise condominiums, would keep the corridors seamlessly separated from the residential units-thus allowing space and exclusivity.


Money well spent

Since it will be developed and managed by Rockwell Primaries, one is assured of a wise and practical investment —meaning, money well spent.

Parent firm Rockwell Land, from its first project in Makati City, has since proven that its developments are able to increase the value of land and other property given the topnotch quality of the structures it has built for more than a decade now.

Thus, if you’re an end user looking for a quality and secure environment to raise your family, or an investor eyeing at an alternative investment options that will give you good returns, then East Bay Residences is definitely the one for you.



Situated along Kilometer 21, East Service Road Sucat, Muntinlupa, East Bay Residences can be easily accessed either by private or public transport.

More specifically, East Bay can be reached via Sucat Interchange or Meralco Road and is just a few kilometers away from various establishments including SM Hypermart, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Molito, Asian Hospital, De La Salle Zobel, Paref Woodridge, Paref Southridge, San Beda Alabang, Madrigal Business Park, Concepcion Industries, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Shrine and Santana Grove, among others.


Reliable service and facilities

As it takes after its parent firm, Rockwell Primaries, this early, is already building a commendable impression among potential buyers with the kind of service it provides.

And in terms of facilities and amenities, East Bay will surely not fall short of future homebuyers’ expectations as it will feature lush landscaping with almost 60 percent of the property devoted to open spaces.

It will likewise feature its own amenity area that will provide that country club-like feel to future residents.


Inspiring strong ties

A gated, pedestrian friendly community, East Bay Residences will feature expansive amenities and facilities where every member of the community can regularly gather and establish relationships.

Designed for individuals who value southern living, East Bay Residences offers a laid-back lifestyle set amid sprawling open spaces, where strong community ties and bond are formed.

It thus makes an ideal location where one can have a comfortable, secure, peaceful and tight-knit family life.


Escape from the maddening crowd

Set amid a peaceful environment, East Bay Residences is set to provide future homebuyers the respite they need after a grueling day in the concrete jungle.

Given the very nature of southern living, East Bay will enable one to escape from the maddening crowd and take a much needed break from the hustle and bustle that is characteristic of the city life—thus enabling one to achieve a certain sense of balance. With unit cuts ranging from 1-bedroom with den at 44sqm; 2-bedroom at 70sqm; to 3-bedroom at 98sqm, homeowners are assured of a relaxing lifestyle.

And during such periods of rejuvenation, one can readily and easily spend his or her quality time with family and friends within the featured amenities and facilities that East Bay could provide.


Safe and sound environment

Safety and security need not be an issue in this gated community, and as such, one need not worry about the welfare of his or her loved ones.

With a secure environment, reliable services and facilities, and a well-thought out development, East Bay Residences has safety and security written all over it, given its 24-hour roving guard, exclusive key card access that will prevent any unauthorized entry in one’s unit. Its low density will likewise afford one that secure and sound sleep that he or she needs after battling it out in the concrete jungle.