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Rockwell Primaries Continues To Attract Buyers With Innovative ‘pop-up Unit’

TALK ABOUT an ultimate sensory thrill.

At a glance, a layout curiously stands modestly at one end of the Power Plant Mall, engaging shoppers with a promise of a new investment venture.

But the Pop-Up model unit of The Vantage by Rockwell Primaries proves to be more than just a display for interested buyers wanting to scrutinize what this project is all about.

A first in the Philippine property sector, the Pop-Up model unit offers a highly impressive simulated environment giving you an authentic feel and a glimpse of the kind of future that awaits you at The Vantage.

And so far, this seems to have done the trick as this pioneering strategy of putting up Pop-Up model units by Rockwell Primaries has drawn crowds of mall goers-all interested in the famed Rockwell lifestyle.

“The Pop-Up display at the Power Plant Mall formed part of our efforts to bring our project closer to our target market. The mall serves as a perfect venue as it’s a catchment site where the people whom we want to become a part of the Rockwell Primaries family can be reached,” explained Rockwell Primaries Senior Vice President Malou Pineda.

According to Pineda, the Pop-Up model unit display was the brainchild of Rockwell Land President Nestor Padilla. Back in 2013 when it was first launched, the Pop-Up model unit display was considered by our clients and even competitor developers as Rockwell’s big way to introduce a new brand, Pineda recalled.

“Rockwell Primaries had to introduce itself as the newest developer offering safe and secure properties for discerning families looking for better than good quality, tasteful, and innovative living spaces. We not only gained awareness among our target market, but more importantly, we gained traction through the sizable number of sales we incurred out of this effort,” she further explained.

Home in a mall

Much like a real home that popped right inside the Power Plant Mall, this showroom was a truly innovative approach that allowed potential buyers to experience even for a moment the kind of life that awaits them—similar to what happens in games such as SIMS in which one can readily reimagine the setup of one’s future home.

This particular model unit also comes with a complete walkthrough experience complete with “voiceovers and sounds” coming from the agents who are more than willing to answer all your inquiries.

What’s more, the Pop-Up model unit gives you an idea of the kind of neighborhood that you can expect as you also get to see and meet other people who are interested in the said project.

“We consider the Pop-Up display very innovative because it is something that was pioneered by Rockwell Primaries back in 2013 in the residential property category. We feature a full scale model unit inside the mall, right at the heart where foot traffic is very high,” she added.

So far, Rockwell Primaries is riding high in the success of this initiative, not only because it generated high foot traffic, but also because it was able to catch the attention of the market it hopes to attract. 

And it’s a given, of course, that this showroom allowed the company to showcase the kind of community that Rockwell Primaries aims to set up in each of its development.

This alone will allow one to realize the value of owning a property by Rockwell Primaries: beautiful home, a good life, high quality structures, and value for money.

Shorter time frame

Like other developers, Rockwell Primaries, too, has its regular showroom located at the RockwellBusinessCenter in Ortigas. But it deemed it strategic to go beyond that if it wanted to effectively reach a wider market and make them experience the lifestyle that awaits them.

“We bring the mountain to Mohamed. In our case, we wanted to shorten the stages of a condo seekers’ purchase decision. Our intention is not just to book a sale within a shorter timeframe but to allow condo seekers to experience how livable our unit space is and how our condo homes fit their needs,” Pineda explained.

“We are displaying a fully appointed Pop-Up model unit to simulate this model unit experience right where they are. Saving them for the trip going to the showroom,” she claimed.

The usual process for potential buyers would be to get project information whether through online searches, referrals and, sometimes, references from friends and influencers. After which comes the purchase decision process wherein the buyer now checks out the model unit at the property site to get a feel of it and then decide whether to sign that contract or not.

But for Rockwell Primaries, it is all about convenience and ensuring that buyers are made to feel that what they’re getting is truly a worthy investment. As such, it has gone all out when it comes to reaching out to individuals.

Gaining recognition 

Coupled with its innovative approaches, the projects by Rockwell Primaries has since gained the recognition not only by the other local industry players, but more importantly, among home hunters as well.

While still considered as a newcomer, Rockwell Primaries has already caught the attention and piqued the interest of discerning buyers like starting families as the company now appears to be the top-of-mind-choice among those who wanted to live the famed Rockwell lifestyle.

“Every Rockwell Primaries project is intended to cater to families who dream of having better homes. It is for couples who would want to raise their children in a community that is warm, safe and secure, and with services and facilities that are reliable. And much like our parent firm, RockwellLand, all our developments are family-oriented, and are set to satisfy the discerning market on their choices of high value products.” Pineda claimed.

And to better experience this sensory thrilling and virtually realistic world, head on to the Power Plant Mall and visit The Vantage East Tower’s 2 bedroom, Pop-Up display which is set to close on September 1.

The Vantage is located at 50 West Capitol Drive corner United Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig. It is composed of two high-rise residential structures with a retail component that will give future residents access to life’s greatest adventures.

Whether you’re a foodie or one who would want a break from the stress of the urban jungle and thus crave for that serene and safe neighborhood, then The Vantage is perfect for you.

With its strategic location, it also gives one easy access to a number of institutions, offices, business districts and various places of interest.

The 34-storey East Tower, which is featured at the Pop-Up unit at the Power Plant Mall, offers a wide selection of unit cuts ranging from the one bedroom unit (38 sqm to 42 sqm); two bedroom units (63 sqm to 84 sqm, and 60 sqm to 70 sqm); and three bedroom units (105 sqm to 114 sqm).

The EastTower’s typical floor features 14 residential units per floor only.  The 25th to 34th floors would have an even lower density with only 10 residential units to a floor.

Like its parent firm’s previous developments, The Vantage units come with finishes including ceramic tiles, painted walls and ceilings, laminated wood-like flooring for the bedrooms.

The whole project meanwhile offers well thought out indoor and outdoor amenities such as the wading pool, lawn play area, gym and fitness studio, meeting room, lounge, garden patio, boardwalk and a sky deck that would provide one the captivating and mesmerizing views of the city skyline, while experiencing that famed Rockwell Magic.