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Rockwell Primaries Blends, Infuses Vibrancy In Every Partner Community

THE NEW kid on the block continues to charm its way into the heart of every community where it is present.

While barely three years into the local property scene, Rockwell Primaries has already started to carve a niche in a market predominantly run by big and more established names in the industry, armed only with a goal to infuse more vibrancy in the communities it has established and will be setting up in the near future.

The key, it figured, was not to go head on with the dominant players, but rather offer to a broader market a unique proposition: a reasonably priced home that reflects the expertise of parent firm Rockwell Land Corp.

 “Rockwell Primaries has been in the market for almost three years. The vision behind our brand is to transform lives by creating best value quality homes modern Filipinos can be proud of,” explained Rockwell Primaries Senior Vice President Malou Pineda. 

“Our brand remains committed to make the distinctive Rockwell lifestyle more readily available to young Filipino families and urban professionals. We believe that good quality living spaces need not be confined within certain markets,” Pineda said.

Rockwell Primaries takes after its parent firm which has been known for, close to two decades now, creating innovative, luxurious living spaces that allowed it to earn that distinct and elusive mark of prominence, prestige and respect.

This time, Rockwell Primaries is bringing to a broader market a taste of this famed Rockwell lifestyle that centers largely on comfort, convenience, and elegance, in a bid to further raise the bar of decent, quality living in the Philippines.


Tough challenges

Being a new player, Rockwell Primaries is now facing tough challenges in proving itself to a growing, discerning market, especially with the presence of the other more established industry players. The company, however, remains undeterred as it continues to do everything it can to apply all the learnings it has gained from its parent firm, as it makes its way to becoming the top-of-mind choice among buyers.

 “As a new player in the market, we would strive to be the first choice of modern Filipinos in their quest for quality homes. From 53 Benitez, our first project, up to The Vantage in Kapitolyo. Pineda related.

 Every project that Rockwell Primaries will build has an end goal of being able to provide customers with an investment that ensures their money’s worth. By creating structurally sound developments with reliable facilities and by seamlessly blending with the ways of the community where it aims to be present, Rockwell Primaries is believed to have created a new standard in the business of building homes


Customer orientation

Rockwell Primaries is well aware that to be accepted by the market and welcomed by every community where it hopes to make its presence felt, it also has to learn to work with the parameters and respect boundaries, all while enhancing the quality of lives in the area.

Through innovations, the company hopes to complement the good practices in a community while infusing it with more energy, life, and vibrancy.

“We hope to do this by having strong customer orientation, consistently delivering exemplary customer service and innovative property offerings. We want to deliver on these promises,” Pineda explained.

“For us, it’s all about ‘Life Lived Better.’ We are here for the broader market segment who are looking for a home to live and/or an investment that will grow in the future. We create communities and deliver projects for the   families and  and urban professionals who know how to appreciate the good life,” she further noted.

Much like Rockwell Land, Rockwell Primaries is indeed for people whoknow how to appreciate a good investment and a distinct exceptional lifestyle. Thus, through a careful understanding of the homebuyer’s needs, the company will strive to deliver exceptional, premium quality and well planned living spaces for the broader market.

Rockwell Primaries also has a long standing commitment to delivering homes, which bear tasteful aesthetics and design, and have a high regard for your family's convenience, security, exclusivity, and your need for space by providing well thought out residential units and amenities.

“We develop better than good quality living spaces and have proven and reliable property management service. More that all these, we have innovative and essential development features and amenities that matter to daily needs and bonding activities. Also, we ensure that we have reliable building facilities that foster a safe, secure, and nurtured community. With Rockwell Primaries being 100 percent owned by Rockwell Land Corp., buyers are guaranteed of quality and a worth investment,” Pineda said.


Creating a buzz

For now, Rockwell Primaries is seeking to create a buzz even being a relatively new player in the industry. The goal is to expand and introduce Rockwell Land’s expertise in providing quality products and quality service to a broader market from the moment a unit has been sold to the turnover of units and provision of property management

Moreover, the company has further committed not only to introduce innovations in living and community spaces, but also to ensure that the different facilities are reliable. “Rockwell Primaries aims to deliver innovative property concepts and customer-centric solutions, which will lead to lasting property values,” Pineda noted.

Among Rockwell Primaries projects that are expected to create a buzz in the market included 53 Benitez located in Quezon City, and The Vantage at Kapitolyo in Pasig City.

The company is set to soon unveil new projects that are hoped to satisfy and meet the sophisticated needs of the market. “We are not here to rush things and launch projects left and right. What we want is to do things properly and ensure that much attention is given to every detail of our projects as that is one way for us to ensure that what we are creating is something that the market truly needs and will benefit from,” Pineda concluded.