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Old Values But New Preferences: Advantages Of Mid-rise Living At 53 Benitez


53 Benitez offers an intimate and suburban community in the heart of New Manila

That condominium living is the direction of the fast-paced urban lifestyle indicates the new preferences of young, urban adults and families today. Malou Pineda, Senior Vice President of Primaries,  Rockwell Land’s newest subsidiary, discusses why the young cosmopolitan set is choosing centrally located condominiums over the green suburbs, and how Primaries’ new mid-rise residential project, 53 Benitez, is also perfectly in line with their long held values.

“With the fast-paced lifestyle of this interconnected world, people today place a premium on convenience, functional design and efficiency.    But at the same time, they still attach a high importance to privacy, quality time, good aesthetic and a healthy environment,” Pineda explains.  “For those transitioning into condominiums from their parents’ house, 53 Benitez is an upgrade from the usual cramped condominium space and therefore not much of an adjustment coming from a house and lot.”

Young couples today prefer to stay in the center of the city rather than the suburbs for easy access to leisure and entertainment places, and to save precious travel time that they could otherwise spend with their family.  This is why condominiums have become an attractive option.  However, the tradeoff in most condominiums is less space and privacy, and a less friendly environment.  “But happily, this is not the case with 53 Benitez.  We’re proud to say we’re offering the best of both worlds,” said Pineda.

Optimum Space and Privacy


Floating corridors and private bridgeways in 53 Benitez ensure your optimum space, natural ventilation and privacy

53 Benitez is a mid-rise condominium project with a village-like atmosphere in the center of the city.  Offering only 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units, residents will enjoy bigger unit cuts, and with only 7 residential floors in two towers housing only 364 units, the project is less dense than high-rise condominiums, thus giving residents more privacy.  Each floor of 53 Benitez has been laid out with floating corridors around a central atrium, traversed with bridgeways that are each shared by only two units.  “These will give residents a safe distance for added privacy.  Neighbors won’t be able to casually peek through doors and windows because there won’t be another unit right in front of yours when you step out of your door,” Pineda added. 

Intimate and Quiet Living

“And compared to low-rise townhouses where the city assaults you the moment you step out of your door, 53 Benitez will make you feel like you are away from the city, even though you’re actually right in the middle of it.  The project is located in a very good part of town, near quiet communities such as Horseshoe Subdivision and Mariposa Village.  The building is set back from the road to reduce noise.  50% of the property is dedicated to open landscape.  Inside, we’ve designed the details such that it is a safe and healthy place for children to grow up in, even down to the height of the balcony and corridor railings.  There will be ample space for children to play together.  An overall intimate community feel will pervade the whole property,” she added.

In addition, the location of 53 Benitez was specifically chosen for its proximity to major thoroughfares, central business districts, restaurants, shopping centers, premier schools, hospitals and places of worship.  Thus, unit owners can take full advantage of the many services and experiential opportunities nearby. 

Giving you more than the usual

Within the property itself, 53 Benitez incorporates features and amenities with residents’ convenience in mind.  Units are fitted with more than the usual offerings; each unit has its own balcony, maid’s room, utility room and rooftop laundry drying area. Efficient property management means not having to worry about trash pickup, emergency lighting, security and home maintenance.  Also, well planned amenities mean better facilities at the unit owners’ disposal. “53 Benitez will have a 2-storey clubhouse with fitness center, function room and indoor playroom.  Residents can also enjoy an adult and kiddie pool, pool deck, outdoor playground and lush pocket gardens.  A convenience store, water station and laundry service make everyday essentials within reach,” explained Pineda.



The amenities at 53 Benitez keeps your basic needs in check.

In terms of a healthy environment, the project boasts green design that uses passive cooling technology.  It maximizes natural light and ventilation, without letting all the heat come in.  There will be cross ventilation through openings on the sides of the building, and exhaust vents through the sides of a skylight.  Openings to the atrium and through balconies ensure good airflow.  The entire site will also be raised against possible flooding, and is designed to not cause flooding in surrounding areas through controlled and environmentally friendly outflows.  Pineda pointed out, “Primaries engaged the same management team and project consultants as Rockwell Land, so residents are assured of the best in terms of vision, quality design and engineering.”

There is an overwhelming number of choices in today’s rapidly evolving real estate market. However, considering all the lifestyle benefits that mid-rise living has to offer, a home in 53 Benitez is worthy of consideration by anyone in the market for a new home.

53 Benitez is the first development of Primaries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwell Land. Turnover will be in 2015.  The onsite model unit, located in the corner of C. Benitez and P. Tuazon Avenues, is open to visitors everyday from 9 AM – 7PM. For more information, call (632) 828-9888 and (632) 570-1690 or visit