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Flexible And Personalized Convenience At The Vantage

Rockwell Primaries recognizes the growing need for a more flexible condo unit that will cater to their homeowners’ lifestyle. 

The Vantage at Kapitolyo offers its one and two-bedroom units that can be transformed into the space that one needs.

“With the continued increase in demand for affordable premium quality of living, we at Rockwell Primaries make sure that every inch of space in our units is flexible and can easily accommodate our homeowners’ interior design requirements and needs. We stay true in providing more than just property as we offer the Rockwell lifestyle our homeowners deserve through proven property management service that ensures the safety and security of the community as well as providing reliable facilities in the development,” said Malou Pineda, senior vice president of  Rockwell Primaries Development Corp.

A larger condo unit allows residents to get creative and convert parts of their home to their own liking and taste.  “We designed our spaces with the homeowners’ needs in mind. We took into account the possibility that they may want to convert their second bedroom into a more useful space – like a workstation, their own fitness gym, or a nursery,” said Arch. Rochelle Baylon, Project Head, The Vantage at Kapitolyo.
The Vantage offers its one-bedroom unit whose sizes range from 40 to 43 square meters, slightly larger than the normal sizes of one-bedroom units. With its flexible space, homeowners have the option to move around more and personalize each nook and cranny.

Meanwhile, owning a two-bedroom unit provides more freedom for residents to get creative and transform their second room into a more useful space, say a walk-in closet.

 “People can easily take measurements of the second room and install a spacious walk-in closet. Materials they would need are readily available in home improvements stores, depending on the look and style they want to achieve,” said Baylon.
The second room can also be home office. The Vantage’s two-bedroom unit offers finished spaces with doors that people can use to seclude themselves from any interruptions or noise.
Having a home office provides a well-designed and comfortable place to draft plans, conduct conference calls, or even brush up on writing projects. Residents opting to transform their extra space into a functional office can conveniently choose their own furniture that will fit their personalities.
“The possibilities are endless when residents convert their second room into the space that they need.We understand our customers’ lifestyle, so we are further enabling them to easily own a Rockwell Primaries unit with our flexible payment terms that give them more options to purchase the home that they deserve,” ended Pineda.
Aside from the usual payment terms that Rockwell Primaries offers for The Vantage, it  recently introduced their straight to amortization payment term for their one-bedroom and Flexi two-bedroom units where interested buyers only need to pay the reservation fee and head straight to amortization without the usual spot down payment, making it easier for them to own the Rockwell Primaries home that they want.
The Vantage will be turned over by 2020.

The model unit of The Vantage can be viewed at its showroom at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall from February 22 to  March 4.