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First Steps With Chinkee Tan

Learn how to grow your money right. 

Life and wealth coach, Chinkee Tan guides you in managing your wealth and property investments. 

Join us on July 20, 2014, Sunday in our 53 Benitez Onsite Model Unit, C. Benitez St., corner P. Tuazon St., New Manila. 


Chinkee Tan is a Filipino-Chinese life and wealth coach. Earning his first million in his early 20s, he shares time-tested advice in growing money and motivating people to succeed. With more than a decade’s experience in the field of finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, direct selling, and business, he travels all over the Philippines and abroad giving talks to top companies and various Filipino organizations.  In his stints in TV5 and his new radio segment “Chink Positive!,” he gives financial advice and diverse ways to open small businesses. 


For inquiries, call us at 828 9888.