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‘feng Shui’ When Buying, Designing A Condo

“Purchasing your own place will always entail a lot of considerations – from the developer, price, location, even to the amenities offered,” said Malou Pineda, senior vice president, Rockwell Primaries. “We work with Dr. Tan to invite more positive energy into each of our developments.”

Keeping the “Chi” in. Going with the flow in this condo unit at 53 Benitez. 

Get a southward-facing condo unit for better luck. The Feng Shui element Fire is represented by the south direction.        

Brighten up your living space. Replace the warm lights in your home to brighter lights like LED and ZEN lights. 

Know how to maximize the Chi Flow. Chi is the energy or the “good vibrations” that flows through a room, bringing harmony and prosperity with it. Before buying a condo unit, make sure there are no doors directly facing verandas, or windows to make sure the chi stays within the home. As the chi freely enters your home, welcome it as you would welcome a guest.

First things first: do your research, and get a reputable developer. The Feng Shui tips can come later.