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‘53 Benitez’ Forum Cites Good Property Investment

Today’s real estate buyer, a socially and financially networked individual, forces organizations to rethink real estate as more than just “location” and evolve in order to stay ahead of competitors. The challenge is to create enclaves for home owners that deliver beyond what’s expected, while delighting them with consistent property management and quality living experience.

Left: Malou Pineda of Rockwell with Chinkee Tan.

53 Benitez Onsite Model Unit

“As a developer, our commitment does not end when we turnover. Our promise is to deliver exceptional and quality living for both families and individuals. We offer exclusive value to homeowners who are looking for a home that’s not only accessible but also well-managed and maintained,” said Malou Pineda, SVP, Rockwell Primaries Development Corp.

Motivational speaker and wealth management coach Chinkee Tan recently spoke in an open house session conducted by Rockwell Primaries at 53 Benitez.  In the lecture entitled “First Steps: Your Guide to Property & Wealth Management,” Tan explained that every investment is a risk that one has to take in life and there is no perfect time to choose when to do it or what to spend on.

Left: Malou Pineda of Rockwell with Chinkee Tan.

  Malou Pineda of Rockwell Primaries with Chinkee Tan.

For him, important factors to consider when deciding which property to invest in are brand, location, saleability, amenities, security, and property management.

Harping on these relevant aspects, Rockwell Primaries takes pride in 53 Benitez, its mid-rise residential development. Located in New Manila, it boasts of its well-planned property that will provide families and young professionals a safe and family-oriented community who seek efficient living conditions for discerning individuals.

With its modern architecture, strategic location, and functional amenities, plus the added benefits of 24-hour security and perimeter lighting, emergency power for common areas, automatic fire alarm and fire protection system, and CCTV monitoring systems, among others – 53 Benitez can provide home owners the long-term investment that they need.