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53 Benitez: Bigger Spaces, More Design Possibilities

Most people think their first home will probably be small and cramped. But not all condominiums are created equal and your home should not confine your dream lifestyle.  At 53 Benitez by Rockwell Primaries, Rockwell Land’s newest property subsidiary, life can definitely be lived better with its condo sizes averaging larger than its counterparts. Here, more space means infinite possibilities and spells out so much more room for life’s pleasures.

The project understands the needs of modern Filipino families as it offers homes that let them enjoy the airy and free feeling of space. Located in the quiet and accessible New Manila neighbourhood, it is a two-building, mid-rise, low density development with an ideal mix of two- and three-bedroom units.  The close-knit community offers quality living spaces which echo the exclusive Rockwell touch at friendlier prices.

With two- and three-bedroom units range from 69 and 101 sqm which includes the actual living area, balcony and drying cage, there is extra room for different lifestyle needs. The thoughtfully laid out units present unlimited possibilities to leave your stamp of creativity and transform a home to suit your many passions.

A career woman might want a spacious kitchen to nurture her love for baking on weekends after a long week’s work. Or maybe the extra space in the living room allows her to meditate and practice yoga indoors.

A young couple might envision a larger common area to recharge or to entertain their friends and loved ones. Families could carve out more space for a dream play nook for their kids or have their child create amazing science experiments.

Each floor of 53 Benitez features the project’s hallmark floating corridors around a central atrium for natural ventilation and lighting as well as increased privacy, traversed by bridgeways that are only shared by only two units.

Here, functionality and aesthetics are combined to fill the need for space and exclusivity.

The community is surrounded by lush landscaping and pocket gardens, furnished with imaginative solutions and top quality amenities for adults and children.  A two-story clubhouse with swimming pools, a neighborhood convenience store, water station, laundry service, and reliable security make 53 Benitez an idyllic retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of city life